DIY vs. Outsourcing

Is our Kiwi DIY mentality keeping us from greater business success?

What are your options?
DIY or outsource.

Kiwis are all about DIY, we’re born with the number 8 wire mentality, it’s in our blood.
But with all of the outsourcing options available to us, when does that number 8 wire start costing us money, rather than saving it?


  • Cost – what is it really
  • Objective – your one dimensional view might not be best for your customers
  • Will it deliver the best results
  • Lack of expert knowledge
  • Can be more costly in the end
  • Business as usual gets in the way
  • Time is an issue


  • Cost – superficially
  • Done your way, in your time



  • Will it solve your problems
  • Getting to know your business


  • Improve efficiency
  • Focus on running your business
  • Reduced costs and overheads
  • Experts doing a better job
  • Economies of scale
  • Competitive advantage
  • Better results because you engaged the experts

So, what does outsourcing allow you to do?

  • Reduce the costs of doing business
  • Freedom to focus solely on your core competencies
  • Gain better outcomes due to expertise

The pros of outsourcing far outweigh the cons, but choosing the right outsourcing partner is key.

Outsourcing Partner Checklist

  • Are they leaders in their field, or are they ahead of their field?
  • Have you seen examples of their work, and do you like it?
  • Have you spoken to at least 2 of their clients?
  • Have you discussed the engagement process?
  • What are their terms of trade?
  • What are their core values?
  • Do they match yours?

So, we’ve established that outsourcing with a great partner is the better way forward, but it is still up to you to pick up the phone.