How we work

Powerful incentive programmes to transform your business

More loyalty, stronger engagement, higher profits.

If you’re looking for an incentive company who’ll just follow your instructions and deliver pedestrian results, you’re in the wrong place.

We’re in the business of solving the problems you thought were unsolvable and unlocking value that far outweighs your investment.

Here’s how we do it:

Needs analysis

1. Finding the leverage point

Our brilliant incentive practitioners will conduct a needs analysis, combining your business, customer and sales data to spot your leverage point. This is where a single behaviour adjustment will affect the most positive change. It’s the difference between an incentive programme that works fine and one that blows you away.

A tailored programme

2. A tailored programme

We then tailor an incentive programme to suit. It might be as simple as making sure your customers buy more from you, or you may need to overhaul the way they perceive and engage with your brand. Whatever we design for you it will be a perfect match for the needs of your business, clients or staff, and deliver results you’ve never dreamed of.


3. Efficient implementation, that gets results

Leave it to us to put the plan into action – we’ll take care of all the detail so you can enjoy the great results. We’ll take care of program strategy and design, incentive management system setup, reward selection, launch communications and training, basically everything that’s needed to create and manage your awesome incentive programme to maximum effect.

We’ll also continue to fine tune your program as long as it runs, keeping it aligned to your business requirements through measurable KPIs.

For a superior incentive programme that will transform your business at every level, talk to us now.